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Hi and welcome to our guild website, our goal is to come as far as possible in DS10 at the moment we are 8/8 down on normal.
our raid days is wednesday,monday/sunday, and hoping to get tuesday aswell. but wednesday and monday/sunday will garanteed be raid day's. our raids will start at 19.00 evary time we will make 3 hours + into the raid no leaving befor 22.00 if you dont have givven a message about it in good time with a good reason for leaving early.
If you are intrested in joining us on our journey to conquer DS please apply to the guild, you will be able to put your application
in to the forum folder named "guild applications" also press the button saying join guild i will go over your forum application and see if you are what we are looking for
have an PVE item level of 380
also put your earlier raid experiance in the application to see who we would rather have on our team (keep in mind to write raid finder if you have only done DS raid finder)
also put in a link to your wow armory for a quick reforge, gem and enchant inspect (if you have doubts about how your gems enchants and reforges should be i recomend to check it out befor applying)
be able to raid wednesday and sunday 19.00-22.00 also hopefully tuesday
come in good time of the raid
read up on tactics and what to do befor the raid (keep in mind DS normal is not as easy as raid finder and have diffrent tactics)
have food and drinks ready (90+90 stats on food and 300+ depending on your class and spec)

basic in-raid rules

1.wiping does not give you the right to leave in anger if your the type of person to leave the raid for a wipe your not the one were looking for. yelling at other people for making mistakes, to make a mistake hopefully is progress in most cases (if mistake is repeted a notice from a guild master will be given)

3.always bring good mood!

Thanks and i hope you will be applying to the guild :)

current raid team : Ts (arms warrior) deathnomee (frost dk) dòpped (shadow priest) broiler (holy pala) avokado (healer priest) serya (resto shaman) antraax (druid tank) arrowstrike (survival hunter) ventrilo (demonlock) ziphios (prot pala)
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deathwing is dead!

deathnomee, Mar 27, 12 7:49 PM.
So monday we in colossus just killed deathwing 10M normal !!! can post any pics atm but it will come in time

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

deathnomee, Mar 13, 12 3:47 AM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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